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Tips for Forming Better Relationship

Many affectionate relationships turn bitter just because unpleasant words get exchanged during outbreaks of anger. This would by no means imply that they don’t care for each other. The angry sessions could be the result of various moods, adverse situations, pressures and tensions. But if you really want to continue your relationship, love your partner, and want a harmonious relationship with your partner, there are certain tips that you can follow. However each relationship is unique.  One tip or solution may suit one couple and just may not be good for another.  

Try and take notice – A lot of spouses stop paying attention to what his spouse is talking after a few years of their relationship. This could prove to be very harmful to an affiliation.  In a relationship, the spouses need to share information, their thoughts, needs and failures with each other. Just lending a silent ear will not only relieve your partner of the tensions, but will reveal a different side of his/her personality before you.  Even during angry flare-ups, one spouse should try to remain calm.  As a rule decide before hand that only one can shout at one point of time.  You should choose to overlook the calling-names, language and excuses that disturb you while you are being thrashed. 

Introspection – Think deeply and evaluate if any of your acts have hurt the feelings of your partner. It is quite possible that inadvertently you would have said something to your partner which prompted him/her to behave so aggressively. If you truly understand your partner, try to figure out the possible causes for his/her behavior.

Don’t be hypercritical – Do not ignore the thinking of your spouse as worthless and insignificant. If at sometime you are not able to understand the feelings of your partner, you have to realize that he/she is a different human being and has different emotions. Aggravating the matter can further fuel the fire. Don’t be critical of him and don’t pass on remarks like “you should not behave in such a manner” etc.

Take a break – If the fight is getting too much heated, just keep quiet and leave the place for sometime.  If something that you partner said made you feel angry, convey to your spouse that you do not intend to talk to him till the time he mends his tone.  Let him or her know that you will not allow him / her to humiliate, blame and accuse you.

Just halt – At times when both of you are angry and arguing, use a pre-decided signal or a sign when the fight becomes too heated.  This code or sign should be always honored. At this point of time, probably both of you need to take a back seat, allow the steam to pass and then pacify yourselves before resuming talks.

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